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RN Cosmetic Injector

Terralyn is a Registered Nurse living her dreams in Dallas, TX. She earned her nursing degree in Washington State and graduated from the National Laser Institute, where she became certified as a Laser Technician and an Advanced Aesthetic Injector. Experienced in the newest aesthetic procedures, she can offer the best treatment options for each patient. With a passion for the beauty industry, she is quickly becoming a leading expert in using cutting-edge techniques to offer natural results to her patients. As an early adaptor to new technologies and cutting-edge techniques, Terralyn is always pushing the envelope to continue offering her customized signature treatments. As a Master Artist with an aesthetic eye, Terralyn will analyze all aspects of one’s facial bone structure, symmetry, age, lifestyle, health habits, and skin type to determine an appropriate treatment protocol. Clients are thrilled with their natural results and lasting outcomes, which further fuels her passion for remaining current, well-trained & always seeking the safest techniques with the least downtime. “I was raised by four women, my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and my aunt- all who believed that you must always be presentable for the world. This includes heels, a fancy outfit, curled hair, and lipstick. Beauty was ingrained in me from a young age, and I still love it. Why? Feeling beautiful makes me feel confident, unstoppable, and ready to face the day. What makes me love it more is that it’s subjective, meaning it symbolizes something different to each of us. This means that YOU get to define your beauty, and I help enhance it. I listen to your wants and help you achieve natural, flawless results. My goal is to help you feel beautiful on the outside, so your inner beauty can shine through confidently.


Terralyn is a Registered Nurse living her dreams in Dallas, TX.


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