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Laser Hair Reduction

Safely and effectively remove your unwanted face and body hair with the DIOLAZE by InMode hair reduction laser treatment at our ZO Skin Centre

About Laser Hair Reduction 

At The ZO Skin Centre in Dallas, Texas, our aesthetic team takes advantage of the latest technologies to provide you with the best care possible. For this reason, our practice is proud to offer the revolutionary DIOLAZE by InMode laser hair reduction treatment. This innovative laser system utilizes advanced linear scanning technology and a sapphire glass cooling device to comfortably eliminate unwanted hair. DIOLAZE is safe and effective for all skin types and can be used on the back, face, legs, bikini area, and under the arms. Since this system uses power in short pulses, it's five times faster than any laser hair removal system on the market. The results are longer lasting and can produce smooth, hairless skin.

Administering the Laser Treatment

During your laser hair reduction session, a handheld laser device will be gently applied to the treatment area. This diode laser specifically targets hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue. Since the DIOLAZE handpiece is equipped with a powerful cooling device, so there is usually no need for topical anesthetics during treatment. This cooling piece is composed of a sapphire glass that can be cooled to a comfortable temperature to reduce discomfort during your session. The results are long lasting and leave you with smoother skin.

After your Treatment

Treatment times for laser hair reduction vary depending on the area, amount of hair, and skin condition, such as:

  • Face and underarm treatments typically take 1 – 5 minutes
  • Back treatments usually last 8 – 12 minutes
  • Full leg treatments may last 30 – 35 minutes

Our aesthetic consultants will provide you with more information about aftercare and what to expect after your treatment. We recommend 5 – 6 laser sessions for optimal results that are usually scheduled 4 – 6 weeks apart since the treatment only affects hair in the growing phase of the cycle. With multiple sessions, hair follicles that were dormant can be treated for better results.

A Better Solution

If you want to free yourself from shaving and waxing for a long-term hair removal solution, then DIOLAZE hair reduction treatments may be a great option. Call The ZO Skin Centre in Dallas, Texas today to schedule your consultation.


Laser Hair Reduction

Safely and effectively remove your unwanted face and body hair with the DIOLAZE by InMode hair reduction laser treatment at our ZO Skin Centre

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